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Mutual funds that grow too big cannot continue to offer investors top returns. At some point, managers can't find enough good places to put incoming money while sticking to the strategy that produced high returns in the past.

Example: Fidelity Magellan, once a stellar performer, now lags its benchmark index.

Possible warning signs that a fund is too big: The fund is holding more cash than usuaL.. the average market capitalization of its holdings is increasing... it is buying share in a larger number of companies than it usually had in the past... its major holdings are the same as the top stocks in the S&P 500 Index, making the fund unlikely to do much better than the stock market.

Funds that still outperform despite their size: Fidelity Contrafund (FCNTX)... Vanguard Windsor II (VWNFX). . . Washington Mutual Investors/ A shares (A WSHX).

Rosanne Pane, CF A, director and mutual fund strategist, portfolio services, Standard & Poor's, New York City.

Martin Weiss Releases White Paper at National Press Club
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FIPA Joins Safe Internet Alliance
FIPA is committed to promoting a safe Internet experience for all online users, and has recently joined a new group to support the development of online safety practices. The Safe Internet Alliance' central mission is to promote a safe online experience and better educate and protect all users, especially children, teens and the elderly, from Internet corruption, crime and abuse. Read more about it here or at

FIPA Director to Serve on Alliance for Investor Education Board
WASHINGTON, D.C.//September 3, 2008//Dallas Salisbury is the new president of the Alliance for Investor Education (AIE), a nonprofit consortium of 19 leading U.S. organizations involved in investor education. The other newly elected AIE officers are: Joy Howell, vice president; John Gannon, secretary; and Gloria Talamas, treasurer.
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Financial Publishers Association (FIPA) Develops Industry Guidelines
The FIPA announces guiding principles to establish uniformity among financial publishers.
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FIPA Members
Combined, the members of the FIPA reach 14 million investors through their regular publications and websites.
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Weiss Research Issues White Paper and IMF Letter on Banking Bailout
September 25, 2008 Weiss Research sent U.S. policymakers a white paper advising that the federal bailout of banks was not likely to succeed. See the white paper here. Weiss also made specific recommendations on additional actions that needed to be taken by the government to add staff to the FDIC to help speed any relief that it would provide in the event that the FDIC deposit insurance was needed by investors.

Martin Weiss Quoted in National Media on Financial Fallout
October 15, 2008 Weiss Research has been quoted in an number of news articles including the Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg, the Chicago Tribune and others on the actions by regulators to stabilize the market. Links to the articles can be found at The Toronto Globe and Mail article traced the Weiss predictions of the unfolding economic events back more than a year and can be found here.